Trade Credit for Importers

With Sinosure, you can access trade credits directly from your Chinese suppliers, allowing you to defer payment for goods up to 90 or even 120 days after shipment.
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Get a new Sinosure credit limit for your company

Increase your company's existing Sinosure credit limit if you need to supply more goods.

Move your existing SINOSURE credit limit from one Chinese supplier to another.

What is Sinosure?

Sinosure is a Chinese state-owned corporation specializing in trade credit insurance. Sinosure insures the risk of non-payment by importers, providing a guarantee to Chinese suppliers. This allows importers and Chinese exporters to conduct trade transactions on trade credit terms.

If your company has a Sinosure credit limit, you can obtain a payment deferment of 90 or 120 days from your Chinese supplier.

More than 240,000 Chinese exporters are currently using Sinosure to facilitate trade credit payment terms for their overseas buyers. With an annual insurance coverage of 700 billion USD, Sinosure covers over 20% of all Chinese export transactions
What is Sinosure

How It Works

  1. In the initial step, you need to send us your company's financial reports and other required documentation.
  2. We handle the registration of your company with SINOSURE.
  3. SINOSURE investigates your company and issues the credit limit.
  4. Your Supplier books your credit limit to use it for OA shipments.
  5. The Supplier makes a shipment on deferred payment terms.
  6. You receive your order and pay within 90-120 days of the shipment.
How it works
You provide us with your company's financial documentation. Our team carries out a set of documents on your company and sends it to SINOSURE to have your credit limit approved.
Credit investigation
SINOSURE investigates your company before it can issue you with a credit limit.
The credit investigation procedure takes 21 days.
Signing the contract
You sign a sales contract with your supplier deferring payment terms for 90-180 days.
Credit limit booking
The Supplier books the credit limit (or part of the credit limit) to be able to use it. Your credit limit could be used with multiple suppliers – at least $100,000 with each supplier.
O/A shipment
The Supplier sends you the goods without prepayment. You only pay a deposit for the goods (10%-30% of the order), the balance should be paid within 90-180 days of shipment.
You pay for the order within 90 - 180 days of the shipment under the sales contract you made with your supplier. The trade credit is insured by SINOSURE.

Steps to getting your credit limit approved

Preliminary check
Send us your company's financial statements for the previous 2 full years and the past months of the current year. Our team will calculate the credit limit that could be approved for your company.
We make no charges for this step.

1-2 days
Signing a service contract
Your company signs a service contract with us and hires us to arrange a credit limit for your company

Additional step:
If you want to confirm SINOSURE terms with your supplier in China, our team can do it for you. We have an office in China and team members speak fluent Chinese.

2-3 days
Credit report preparation
Our team of specialists carries out a set of documents to ensure that your company will get through the Sinosure credit investigation procedure successfully.
You pay the credit investigation fee only.

2-3 days
Credit limit approval
We initiate the credit investigation procedure and help you to pass the credit investigation successfully to get your SINOSURE credit limit approved.
You pay our service charge only after your SINOSURE credit limit has been approved.

21 days

What is a Sinosure credit limit?

A SINOSURE Credit Limit is an official electronic document confirming the credit limit established for your company. Credit limit means the maximum amount of trade credit that Chinese suppliers can give you under SINOSURE insurance. The document, which is verified by Sinosure's digital seal, contains an electronic certificate from China Financial Certification Authority.

The document contains the following information
• Your company ID in Sinosure
• Your credit limit
• Credit period (days)
• Your company name
• The name of your supplier (optional)

SINOSURE credit limit allows your company to negotiate deferred payment terms for 90 to 180 days with your Chinese supplier. If your company fails to pay for the order, SINOSURE will make the payment to your supplier.

Which companies qualify for credit?
USD 100,000

Minimum applicable credit limit in Sinosure.
1 year

To qualify for a Sinosure credit limit, your company must have existed for at least one financial year.

Your company must have achieved an annual turnover of more than USD 1 million in the last financial year.
Good image

If your company showed a loss in the last financial year, or if you failed to pay any of your suppliers in China, you do not qualify for the credit limit.
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