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Discover valuable insights on Sinosure with our Q&A articles. Learn how to navigate and benefit from Sinosure export credit insurance for more effective imports from China.
Sinosure Q&A
General information about China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE)
Learn more about how SINOSURE credit insurance works.
Sinosure credit limit: What it is and how to obtain it

We help importers from all over the world to improve their trading terms with Chinese suppliers and extend payments to the supplier for 90 to 180 days using the Sinosure credit insurance tool

We help companies to obtain a new Sinosure credit limit, increase existing credit and provide comprehensive consulting services regarding Sinosure credit insurance
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Register your company with Sinosure to access trade credits from suppliers.
Obtain a new Sinosure credit limit for your company to negotiate deferred payments.
Expand your company's current Sinosure credit limit if you need to supply more goods.
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