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If you've never used SINOSURE insurance before, we can set up a new credit limit for you.
In this case, your company gets a new credit limit in SINOSURE and the maximum possible SINOSURE evaluation. After that you can use the credit limit with any of your suppliers in China to get 90, 120 or 180 days deferred payment terms.


If you have exceeded your existing credit limit with SINOSURE, we can get you an increase.

There are several ways to do it:

• Conduct an in-depth audit of your company
• Use the guarantee of a parent/affiliated company
• Get a group credit limit if you have a group of companies


If you already have your credit limit in SINOSURE but it is booked by a supplier you no longer wish to cooperate with, we can move your credit limit to another appointed supplier. The procedure usually takes 14-21 days.
We provide comprehensive consulting services on SINOSURE credit insurance

• Negotiating with suppliers on SINOSURE credit terms
• Checking your company status in SINOSURE
• SINOSURE blacklist
• Authorizing complex import schemes in SINOSURE
• All other issues regarding SINOSURE credit insurance

Other services


Improve your cash flow and get your payment to your supplier in Europe deferred for 90 to 180 days, with the COFACE export credit insurance.

KSURE (Korea Trade Insurance Corporation) Credit Limits For Importers

Postpone payments for goods imported from South Korea for between 90 and 180 days by using KSURE Credit Insurance Tool. Apply now!

Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation (HKECIC) Credit Insurance Consulting

Get the benefits of postponed payment terms with your Hong Kong-based exporter supported by HKECIC insurance and be granted postponed payment terms 90 to 180 days.

PICC Short-Term Trade Credit Insurance for Importers

Augment your available funds and profitability by gaining the advantage of deferred payment terms with a Chinese supplier, guaranteed by PICC (People's Insurance Company of China) credit insurance. Defer your payments for your imported items for 90 to 180 days.
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