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We founded Axton Global with a clear-cut mission in mind, a mission to make convenient financing solutions accessible to small businesses and large corporations alike. By unshackling business owners from working capital restraints, we aim to foster the development of international supply chains and facilitate the success of businesses around the world.
Axton Global
was founded in 2008, as a company that specializes in trade finance services for companies that import goods from China. Our main function is to provide liquidity for global supply chains, with the support of the Chinese Export Credit & Insurance Corporation (Sinosure). Sinosure Credit Insurance tool enables our company to help buyers from all over the world to get better payment terms from their suppliers in China, to improve their cash flow and to run their business more effectively.
We are becoming a carbon-neutral company by offsetting our carbon emissions and have signed Climate Neutral Now Pledge. Read more
How we work with our clients
International trade continues to boom through the post-internet era, accentuating the need for seamless and convenient methods for sourcing foreign goods. Axton Global helps its clients navigate through the difficulties that arise with international trade with ease and secure favorable financing terms with suppliers.

With a focus on working with suppliers from one of the largest manufacturers in the world, China, we help position our clients' businesses for both national and international growth. Working with the support of Chinese Export Credit Insurance Corporation Sinosure, we help our clients get better credit terms and enable the transfer of credit limits between their suppliers to pave their way to success.

We serve small business owners and large enterprises from all around the world. We are actively working with clients from the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, India, Africa, and Australia in helping them with achieving their goals through our services.
Become a Partner
Whether you are a finance consultant or a logistics operator having solid connections with importers from China, or any business operating in the foreign trade sector, you are welcome to join us.
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  • Our Purpose
    Entrepreneurs drive the world forward. We aim to be the wheels that contribute to their advancement in this regard.

    Delivering value around the world is a laudable task, partly because of the difficulties associated with international financing. Our purpose lies in guiding our clients through the different communication barriers, high-risk situations, differences in documentation standards and the lack of transparency that is associated with global trade to ultimately improve their cash flow and enable their business to flourish.

    Through bridging the gap between importers, suppliers, and financial institutions, we strive to advance the progress of international trade.
  • Our Strengths
    We have a deep understanding of the process of international trade and trade finance, especially business pertaining to Chinese suppliers. These capabilities make Axton Global well suited to securing favorable financing terms for your organization.

    Through years of experience working with Sinosure, we have come to be intimately familiar with the intricacies of their mode of operations. We can help clients increase their credit limits, and troubleshoot issues while structuring international trade deals with deferred payment terms with Sinosure insurance coverage.

    We help clients meet their targets by setting up effective communication channels between them and their suppliers through our local office in China. With team members fluent in the Chinese language, we eliminate the risk of miscommunications arising in the negotiation process and take them one step closer towards success.
  • Our Core Values
    The company values form the basis of the work culture and environment at Axton Global. Professionalism, courage, respect, integrity, and excellence lie at the core of these values, which the organization observes as a unit in day-to-day work life.

    These values dictate the actions of our individual team members through all of their business dealings with our clients.
We are becoming a carbon-neutral company
Axton Global is becoming a carbon-neutral company by offsetting our carbon emissions and have signed Climate Neutral Now Pledge.

In order to combat climate changes, Axton Global acquired a certificate for one hundred (100) tons of carbon dioxide. We will invest this money in clean energy projects in developing countries.

The carbon offset is a process for reducing emissions of not only carbon dioxide but other man-made greenhouse gases as well. The aim is to protect the environment and save our planet.

Carbon offsetting is a way ahead for funding organizations who are effortlessly working to lower or reduce carbon emissions for a better and cleaner environment.

Thus, we are working to reduce carbon footprint as much as we can to ensure climate neutrality.

We are becoming a carbon-neutral company by offsetting our carbon emissions and have signed Climate Neutral Now Pledge.

Let's pledge for a common cause to improve the life quality and environment of our planet and reduce carbon footprint...

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