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1. Axton Global provides consulting services to clients interested in pursuing individual business relations with other companies.

Axton Global services include:

• Negotiations with Chinese suppliers on behalf of customers
• Advising clients on pursuing an individual relationship by assisting in drafting an application for policies that would be provided by a third-party corporation, a China Export Credit Insurance corporation (SINOSURE), who is working with suppliers on deferred payment insurance coverage
• Advising clients on working with suppliers on deferred payment terms under current or potential insurance coverage agreements of other Export Credit Agencies
• Advising clients on the general principles of export credit insurance, including the work of a third-party China State Export Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure)
• Consulting clients on the preparation of documents required to work with suppliers with a deferred payment
• At our customer's request, search customer trading companies in China that source for goods and suppliers, provide cargo inspection services, and sell goods on terms of a commercial loan using Sinosure export credit insurance coverage.
• Other information support for clients, in compliance with applicable laws but in no way providing legal services under local or clients' jurisdictions' applicable laws, nor are we representing ourselves to provide legal services under the laws of the third-party, non-affiliated companies for which we provide independent consulting advisory services on.

2. Axton Global is not an authorized representative or affiliate of China Export Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure), insurance broker or financial institution and only provides advisory services.

3. Axton Global is not affiliated with, associated, authorized, approved or in any way formally affiliated with China Export Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure), its directors, its employees or officers, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.

4. The official site of SINOSURE - This is provided as reference for further information on this company only. Axton Global makes no representations as to the information on this website, nor does Axton Global have any control or input as to the contents of the website maintained by SINOSURE.

5. Axton Global's activities are not subject to licensing; all consulting advisory services provided by Axton Global will be governed by the terms of the consulting service agreement between the client and Axton Global.

6. The information on the site is for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed in any means as legal or advisory advice. All advisory advice provided by Axton Global will be governed by a separately executed agreement with clients for which Axton Global provides advisory services.

7. The information indicated on the site is obtained from open sources by legal means and is public information that was compiled for informational purposes only. Axton Global makes no representations as to the accuracy of data provided to the public by unaffiliated companies.

8. Axton Global makes no guarantees regarding the credit limit that any company may receive from Sinosure or other export credit agencies.

9. The decision to grant any company a Sinosure credit limit is at the sole discretion of Sinosure (or another insurance company as directed by the client). Axton Global has no influence into this determination nor makes any representations as to what this decision may be.

10. Axton Global will not be liable to Sinosure if the customer fails to make payment to the supplier. Axton Global maintains no direct relationship with Sinosure and as such, will not be liable to Sinosure for reasons involving the relationships Axton Global maintains with independent, third-parties in an advisory relationship.

11. Axton Global will not be liable to a customer's suppliers for any payments in case if customer is failed to pay. It is Axton Global's understanding that payment terms will be established by these parties and will not involve Axton Global. Axton Global maintains no direct relationship with a customer's suppliers, unless this relationship is separately defined in a written agreement between Axton Global and that supplier. At this time, Axton Global does not intend to provide such advisory services.

12. Axton Global is not affiliated with, associated, authorized, approved or in any way formally associated with any company that provides trade credit insurance.

13. All services provided to clients are consulting services in nature. This includes any advisory services that may pertain to our clients' working with any companies through an independently established agreement between our client and the third-party, unaffiliated company. We assume no responsibility for unaffiliated parties' or companies' actions or for the agreements to which they choose to enter.

Other Important Notices and Disclosures

1. Axton Global assists clients in obtaining a credit limit with Sinosure. However, Axton Global is not affiliated with Sinosure. As such, Axton Global makes no guarantee that its clients will receive a credit limit from Sinosure. Axton Global solely works in a consulting capacity to assist clients with obtaining a credit limit, but cannot guarantee that Sinosure will choose to provide such credit limit, which is in Sinosure's sole discretion.

2. Axton Global provides information on its website about the business of Sinosure, specifically pertaining to Sinosure providing credit limits, for educational purposes only. This is used from publicly derived material. Axton Global makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of this information nor does Axton Global make any representation as to whether such information may change in the future in a manner to which Axton Global may be unaware of or may not have yet updated Axton Global's own website to reflect changes that are available in public sources.

3. Axton Global makes no representation as to whether Sinosure may change its payment terms for specific clients. This is in Sinosure's sole discretion and not in Axton Global's control. Information regarding Sinosure's business is provided on Axton Global's website for educational purposes only. Questions regarding specifics as to Sinosure's business practices and terms should be addressed to Sinosure. Axton Global is not a representative or agent of Sinosure and only provides consulting services related to credit limits issued by Sinosure.

4. Axton Global is not an insurance broker and is not a financial institution. No statements made by Axton Global shall be construed to assume that Axton Global has assumed either status. Axton Global is not an agent or authorized representative for any insurance issuer or issuer of securities nor is Axton Global an agent or authorized representative of any financial institution. Axton Global operates solely in a consulting capacity.

5. Axton Global is not an authorized representative, reseller, or agent of Sinosure. The services of Axton Global are strictly expertise and consulting services. Sinosure is an independent third-party company. Axton Global does not have an official business relationship directly with Sinosure nor does Axton Global act on behalf of Sinosure. The services provided by Axton Global shall not be construed to change the relationship between Sinosure and Axton Global.

6. Axton Global does not provide clients with financial, credit, or insurance products as an agent, representative, reseller, issuer, or affiliate. The services provided by Axton Global are outside the activities provided by financial, credit, or insurance companies and authorized representative. Axton Global's services are limited to consulting with clients and providing expertise on financial, credit, or insurance products, but in no way is holding itself out as providing financial, credit, or insurance products or services to such client, either on its own or as an agent or representative. Axton Global ensures that clients whom hire Axton Global understand that Axton Global's services do not constitute financial, credit, or insurance product activities and that third-parties for which Axton Global may advise upon are not affiliated with Axton Global in any way.