Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation (HKECIC) Credit Insurance Consulting

Boost your access to funds and enhance your company's liquidity. Get the benefits of postponed payment terms with your Hong Kong-based exporter supported by HKECIC insurance and be granted postponed payment terms 90 to 180 days.
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Our services
Settle on credit limits
Our expert team at Axton Global will help you settle on a HKECIC-guaranteed credit limit
Establish a credit limit
We help you arrange HKECIC-backed credit limits that are provided by your Hong Kong supplier

Collocate documents
We collocate your documents for an HKECIC assessment to set up postponed payment conditions
What is HKECIC?
The Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation (HKECIC) was founded in 1966. It provides Hong Kong exporters with indemnities and assesses trade credits for international importers. Regardless of importer insolvency, with HKECIC, exporters still receive payment.

With a HKECIC-backed credit limit in place, you can reap the benefits of postponed payment terms (of 90 to 180 days) that you can set up with a Hong Kong-based supplier
How it works
Company data & documents
The initial step is to provide Axton Global with your financial statements. We organize the paperwork and submit it to HKECIC to get your company's credit limit assessment underway.
HKECIC credit analysis
HKECIC will go through your paperwork to assess your company and its financial status. This will lead to a decision on your credit limit, taking approximately 21 days.
Establish a sales contract
You will settle on terms for a sales contract with a Hong Kong exporter and sign it. The contract will specify the deferred payment terms you have agreed to.
Credit limit launch
Your supplier will launch a credit limit with HKECIC. If you want to use a credit limit with several exporters, no less than $100,000 should be used for each supplier.
Goods are shipped
Once you have made a customary deposit of 10 – 30% of the order value, your supplier will ship the ordered goods. The outstanding fees should then be paid within the agreed postponed payment terms.
Make the payment
Make the final payment for the remainder owed on the imported items within the allotted time frame. This agreement is insured by HKECIC, which will collect payment if you default and pay the insurance compensation to your supplier.

What are HKECIC-approved credit limits?

Officially HKECIC-approved credit limits are the established maximum number of trade credits that you are permitted from your Hong Kong supplier (or suppliers). A written document will authorize these credit limits, which will be granted after a successful credit evaluation.

The HKECIC documentation will feature:

Your established upper credit limit
The stipulated credit period
Your company's name
Your supplier's name

Actions required to be approved for HKECIC-insured trade credits with suppliers

Initial analysis
Provide us with your financial records and reports that clearly demonstrate the financial status of your company over the previous two years. Our expert consultants provide you with an approximate credit limit that your company could be granted.

1-2 days
Agree to our services
You agree to a contract with us requesting our team's expertise and knowledge. We facilitate the process of helping you obtain your credit limit.

Extra services:

We can validate the stipulated HKECIC conditions with your supplier for you. We achieve this by communicating back and forth with, them representing you.

2-3 days
Preparing credit reports
Axton Global will put together the crucial paperwork and reports needed to pass the HKECIC credit evaluation and be approved for a credit limit with ease.
Payment is only required for the credit evaluation.

2-3 days
Get accepted for credit
We will commence the process required for credit evaluation and ensure that pass the investigation conducted by HKECIC. We will only require payment for our services once you have been provided with a credit limit from your supplier.

21 days

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