KSURE Credit Limits for Importers

Postpone payments for goods imported from South Korea for between 90 and 180 days by using KSURE (Korea Trade Insurance Corporation) Credit Insurance Tool.
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Our services
Negotiations with suppliers
Skip the negotiations with suppliers for KSURE-backed credit limits – we do this on your behalf
Arrange credit limits
Effortlessly set up your KSURE-guaranteed credit limit granted by your supplier with our assistance

Prepare paperwork
We get your company paperwork prepared for an evaluation to initiate deferred payment terms for your company
What is KSURE?
KSURE is a state-owned South Korean export credit agency, operating within the Ministry of trade. It insures Korean exporters against credit risks in international trade. In the event your organization defaults on payments, KSURE guarantees support for the supplier so they will get paid.

If your company has a KSURE credit limit, you can get a deferred payment from your supplier for a period of 90, 120 or even 180 days.
How it works
Company data & documents
First, you submit your financial data and documents to Axton Global. Our experts collocate the documents and send them on to KSURE to initiate a credit limit evaluation.
Credit investigation
KSURE will then evaluate your business, its documents and its financial standings to determine your credit limit amount. This process can last for up to 21 days.
Agree to a contract
You agree to and sign a contract relating to sales with your South Korean supplier, which stipulates the postponed payment conditions.
Credit limit initiation
Your supplier initiates and sets up the KSURE-backed credit limit. You might choose to use your credit limit with various suppliers. For this, a minimum of $100,000 must be used apiece
Shipment of goods
A deposit is required, and then your goods will be shipped by your supplier. The deposit equates to 10 – 30% of the value of the order. You will then pay the balance within the allocated deferral period after shipment.
Pay the balance
You pay the outstanding balance for the goods within the deferral period of
90 – 180 days. KSURE always ensures your Korean supplier receives payment.

What is a KSURE credit limit?

Credit limits ratified by KSURE, are given as a result of a successful credit limit investigation. The investigation determines the highest value of trade credits (or upper limit) that can be offered to you by a Korean supplier. This is reflected in the official documents.

The official KSURE paperwork will include:

Your maximum credit limit
The credit term or period in days
The name of your business
Your South Korean supplier's name

Steps to acquire trade credits with South Korean suppliers insured by KSURE

Initial analysis
Submit financial statements to us that correspond to your company's financial standings for the past two complete years. Our professionals at Axton Global will use the information to give you an estimation of the potential credit limit your company could qualify for.

1-2 days
Signing a service contract
You agree to our consultancy services and sign a contract, soliciting the services of our team. They will help you procure a credit limit.

Additional step:

Axton Global can facilitate the process of verifying KSURE conditions with your South Korean supplier. Our team members will liaise between them on your behalf.

2-3 days
Drawing up credit reports
Our experts will collocate the required paperwork and data to guarantee your company is approved when passing through the KSURE credit evaluation.
For this step, you will only pay the cost of the credit assessment.

2-3 days
Get credit approved
Axton Global will set the wheels in motion for the credit evaluation and assist you to be successfully approved by KSURE. The Axton Global service fee is required only when you have been successfully granted the credit limit.

21 days

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