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Onboard your company with Sinosure
Service Description
This service is designed for importers who are currently selecting the suppliers they wish to cooperate with, or for those who seek help with the essentials but prefer to handle the remainder independently. We ensure the smooth onboarding of your company with Sinosure, positioning you to receive credit limit approval. Additionally, we provide detailed instructions on how to manage the rest of the process by yourself
Registering your company with Sinosure involves uploading key data about your business, such as financial statements and essential business details, to Sinosure's database. This information is utilized by the insurance company's underwriter to determine the size of the credit limit that can be approved for your company. It ensures that your company secures the maximum possible credit limit when your supplier applies for a credit investigation to grant your company a trade credit.
What you get from this service
Sinosure Database Registration
After registration, your company will be assigned a unique ID number and have a record in the SinoRating database. This ID and record enable suppliers and Sinosure credit analysts to identify your company easily when applying for credit limits and ensures that your company receives the maximum possible credit limit.
SinoRating Credit Report
Upon completion of the registration process, SinoRating will issue a verified credit report for your company. This report aids Sinosure credit analysts in setting your credit limit and reassures your suppliers of your company's strong credibility. Your suppliers can access this credit report directly from Sinosure, validating your company's good standing.
Your company will be assigned a SINOSURE ID. This ID simplifies the process for suppliers applying for a credit limit on your behalf, as they only need to reference this ID instead of filling out extensive paperwork.
Get a credit limit approval
Service Description
This service is perfect for importers with a specific list of suppliers they're working with or planning to work with. We'll help you set up everything with Sinosure, from negotiating with your suppliers to getting your credit limit approved. We'll carry out all the paperwork and negotiations
What the Service Includes
Negotiations with Suppliers

Understanding the nuances of Sinosure's operations is crucial for successful negotiations with suppliers. Our professional team, located in China, will engage with your suppliers to secure terms of cooperation through Sinosure
Company Onboarding with Sinosure
A record for your company will be established in the Sinosure database, incorporating your company details and financial reports. This essential step is necessary for the acquisition of trade credit
Credit Limit Approval

Our service includes managing the entire process of credit investigation and securing a credit limit for your company. We ensure that all necessary documentation is prepared and submitted accurately, facilitating successful credit approval process
Steps to getting your credit limit approved
Negotiations with Suppliers
You provide us with a list of your suppliers, and our team in China negotiates with them to arrange payment deferrals under Sinosure insurance coverage.
Credit report preparation

Our team of specialists carries out a set of documents to ensure that your company will get through the Sinosure credit investigation procedure successfully.
Company Onboarding with Sinosure
Your company is registered with the Sinosure database, assigned a SINOSURE ID, and your data is uploaded to the database to secure your company's credit limit.
Credit investigation
We initiate the credit limit application through your supplier, and SINOSURE conducts an investigation into your company before issuing a credit limit, with the entire procedure typically taking 21 days.
Credit limit booking
The Supplier books the credit limit (or part of the credit limit) to be able to use it. Your credit limit could be used with multiple suppliers – at least $100,000 with each supplier.
O/A shipment
The Supplier sends you the goods without prepayment. You only pay a deposit for the goods (10%-30% of the order), the balance should be paid within 90-120 days of shipment.
Increase Your Credit Limit
Service Description
This service is intended for companies that have already received a Sinosure credit limit and who wish to increase it.
Strategies for a credit limit increase
Conduct a Credit Report Update
If your company has shown significant financial growth in the recent period, updating your credit report with Sinosure could lead to an increased credit limit
Leverage Parent Company Guarantees
If your company is a subsidiary, you can increase your credit limit with a guarantee from your parent company. This method uses the parent's financial strength to support your credit application.
Utilize Group Credit Limits

If your company is legally part of a group, you can use the credit limit of a related company.

Steps to getting your credit limit increased

Preliminary check
Provide us with your company's financial statements for the previous two full years, as well as the current year's financials up to the present month. Our team will use this information to calculate the potential credit limit that could be approved for your company
Signing a service contract
Your company signs a service contract with us and hires us to arrange a credit limit for your company
Credit report preparation
Our team of specialists carries out an in-depth credit report to ensure that your company will get through the Sinosure credit investigation procedure successfully and receive the maximum possible credit limit
Sinosure Credit Investigation procedure
After the completion of the credit report, we proceed to initiate the credit investigation procedure, assisting you every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome and approval of your SINOSURE credit limit
Transfer Your Credit Limit
Service Description
This service is intended for companies that already have a Sinosure credit limit, but it was booked by a supplier that your company is no longer going to be working with, and you need to transfer the credit limit to another supplier.

Steps for Transferring a Credit Limit:

1. Negotiate with Suppliers
2. Transfer the Credit Limit

Before beginning, we conduct a preliminary analysis to understand the situation better:

1. Collect information about the customer's suppliers, including the total credit limit, which suppliers currently have credit limits with your company, and the intended recipients of these credit limits.
2. Verify whether the customer's company is on any blacklists.
3. Check if the company has any outstanding debts with suppliers in China.

After completing the preliminary stage, we proceed with the details of the transaction.

Negotiations with Suppliers

At this stage, Axton Global's office in China will reach out to your suppliers to discuss the procedure for transferring the credit limit. Our objectives include:

1. Gathering detailed information from the supplier currently holding the credit limit. This includes the insurance policy number and the amount of credit limit booked.
2. Determining whether the supplier is willing to release the credit limit partially or in full.
3. Ensuring the supplier has no objections to transferring the limit.

It's important to note that in some instances, the supplier with the credit limit may not consent to the transfer. In this case, we proceed with the credit limit transfer through the local Sinosure office without requiring the supplier's consent.

4. We will also coordinate with the receiving supplier to provide instructions on how to apply for the credit limit transfer.

After negotiations, we will develop a credit limit transfer strategy and present it to our client for approval

Credit limit transfer

During this phase, the Axton Global team undertakes the following actions:

1. Prepares all necessary documentation for transferring the credit limit.
2. Compiles instructions and an application form for the supplier to facilitate the credit limit transfer.
3. Commences the credit limit transfer procedure.

Throughout the process, Axton Global's China Office liaises with both the relevant Sinosure divisions and the suppliers involved.

If the supplier currently in possession of the credit limit is unwilling to release it:

1. We will prepare and submit a formal complaint to Sinosure
2. We will proceed with a direct transfer of the credit limit, bypassing the consent of the reluctant supplier.
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