Sinosure Unveils Its 2023 Achievements and Set Goals for 2024

by Axton Global
Sinosure Export Credit Insurance China
In a press conference on January 4, 2024, organized by the State Administration of Financial Supervision of China, Sinosure China Credit Insurance Corporation revealed its 2023 results and outlined main goals for 2024, emphasizing its commitment to supporting enterprises in risk prevention, market expansion, loss recovery, and financing promotion.

In 2023, Sinosure achieved a historic milestone with a full-year underwriting amount surpassing the US$900 billion mark for the first time. The number of customers benefiting from Sinosure's services reached an unprecedented high, almost 200,000. It is anticipated that Sinosure's underwriting scale will maintain its global leadership among official export credit insurance institutions.
Looking ahead to 2024, Sinosure will continue to enhance the quality and efficiency of its policy-based financial services. The company will focus on strategic emerging industries, green finance, inclusive finance, global healthcare expansion, and the advancement of digital financial services.

Sinosure's commitment to inclusive finance involves expanding underwriting coverage for small, medium, and micro enterprises, increasing the provision of financial services to these enterprises, and contributing significantly to inclusive finance.

With a strategic emphasis on high-tech and high-added-value industries, Sinosure aims to allocate resources to projects in strategic emerging sectors such as technological innovation and advanced manufacturing. This includes a focus on green industries like new energy and the environmentally friendly transformation of traditional sectors.

In 2024, Sinosure plans to increase underwriting support for international endeavors in elderly care, medical care, and health-related fields. Leveraging the insurance industry's long-term financial advantages, the company actively participates in the development of the health and elderly care sectors.

To stay ahead in the digital landscape, Sinosure will enhance its digital financial service capabilities, introduce internal "digital credit insurance", establish an external digital ecosystem, and make significant steps in digital finance.

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