How to Obtain 90-Day Trade Credits Using Sinosure, the State-Owned Credit Insurance Company of China

If your business imports products from China, you have the option to negotiate 90-day deferred payment terms by leveraging credit insurance.
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Date: 17 Jan 2024
Time: 5:00 PM UK time
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About the Host:
Axton Global is an international company focusing on trade finance advisory services.
We help importers from all over the world who purchase products from Chinese suppliers to obtain trade credits with these Chinese suppliers with the support of Sinosure – China Export & Credit Insurance corporation.

What you will learn in the webinar
Companies importing goods from China often face a shortage of working capital. This is due to the fact that most Chinese factories require full payment for goods before shipment, resulting in a significant portion of your company's funds being tied up in the merchandise while it is in transit. This issue can be addressed using the Sinosure credit insurance tool. In our webinar, you will receive detailed instructions on how to utilize Sinosure to secure a payment deferral from your supplier, allowing you to pay for the goods in China 90 days after the container has been shipped.
What is Sinosure
What is SINOSURE and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Sinosure is a Chinese state-owned corporation specializing in trade credit insurance. Sinosure insures the risk of non-payment by importers, providing a guarantee to Chinese suppliers. This allows importers and Chinese exporters to conduct trade transactions on trade credit terms.

If your company is accredited by SINOSURE, you can obtain a payment deferment of 90 or 120 days from your Chinese supplier.

Webinar content
Basic Information about Sinosure
SINOSURE Description and Highlights: An overview of SINOSURE, focusing on its main functions, and various types of insurance it offers.
How Does Sinosure Work?
Explaining the process from drafting a contract to arranging your order shipment under deferred payment terms with SINOSURE.
How to Start Using Sinosure?
Importer's Step-by-Step Guide: From negotiating with the supplier and contract drafting to shipping your order on credit terms.
How to Obtain a Sinosure Credit Limit?
Securing a Credit Line with SINOSURE: A guide on how to get your company accredited by SINOSURE and obtain a credit line.
How to Negotiate with the Factory?
Negotiating SINOSURE Payment Terms: Effective strategies and tips for discussing SINOSURE payment terms with your supplier.
Questions and Answers
Our experts will lead you through the process and answer all your queries.
Sinosure in Numbers: Key Highlights
  • Extensive Network

    Over 240,000 Chinese suppliers are already utilizing SINOSURE to back trade credits, offering a vast range of options for importing companies
  • Significant Coverage

    Annually, Sinosure insures over $700 billion in trade credits, demonstrating its substantial impact on global trade finance
  • Global Reach

    In every country, between 10,000 and 30,000 importers are accredited by Sinosure, benefiting from payment deferments from suppliers and enhancing their business operations
  • Leading Position

    Sinosure is ranked number one among national export credit agencies, distinguishing itself as the best in supporting international trade credits and contributing significantly to the ease of international trade
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Sinosure Q&A
General information about China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE)
Learn more about how SINOSURE credit insurance works.
Sinosure credit limit: What it is and how to obtain it
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