What Is Alibaba Guaranteed: A Guide for Importers

by Axton Global
How Does Alibaba Work
Every e-commerce business faces many challenges and uncertainties. The most crucial are supply chain defaults, quality concerns, and delivery problems such as delays or package damage. To address these issues, Alibaba has recently launched a new solution for global buyers - Alibaba Guaranteed.

Let’s explore what Alibaba Guaranteed is, how it works, and how global importers can benefit from using this service.

What Is Alibaba Guaranteed?

Alibaba Guaranteed is a new service that streamlines the sourcing process for global buyers by eliminating the need to negotiate with suppliers. Instead, orders are fulfilled directly through Alibaba.com.

At the heart of this service is a commitment to providing "guarantee". With Alibaba Guaranteed, buyers get fixed low prices with shipping included, guaranteed delivery by scheduled date, and comprehensive money-back guarantee if any issues arise with their orders. Additionally, the platform handles finance, such as escrow and payment terms, and after-sales services.

The launch of Alibaba Guaranteed is a direct response to the needs of businesses in today's market. Alibaba.com is one of the largest online B2B marketplace platforms worldwide, currently serving over 48 million SME buyers and hosting more than 200,000 suppliers globally.

A recent survey conducted by Alibaba.com unveiled that 66% of SMEs plan to increase their reliance on online global sourcing in 2024. However, they still have deep concerns regarding delivery times, logistics costs, and product reliability, with 22% of respondents highlighting these as their top challenges.

By launching Alibaba Guaranteed, the marketplace aims to help SMEs navigate global sourcing and cross-border trade with greater ease and confidence.

Benefits of Alibaba Guaranteed for Importers

Every importer recognizes the importance of efficient delivery and order fulfillment in the e-commerce business. Discrepancies in orders, whether they involve delays, increased shipping costs, unreliable tracking information, and damaged or lost packages, can be highly frustrating for all parties involved. By sourcing products with Alibaba Guaranteed solution, online stores can avoid those typical problems.

Guaranteed Fixed Prices

Fluctuations in shipping costs are common in cross-border trade due to factors like fuel prices, seasonal demand, or global events. Alibaba Guaranteed allows buyers to know the total price and per-unit cost, including shipping fees, before they place their orders. This feature makes budgeting and financial planning much simpler, giving users a clear picture of their expenses upfront.

With predictable costs, companies can plan their purchases accurately, avoiding any surprise expenses that could throw off their financial plans. Better cash flow management is another huge benefit, as fixed prices provide greater control over payment schedules and resource allocation.

Guaranteed Delivery on Scheduled Dates

Alibaba Guaranteed service ensures that orders are delivered by a promised date through Alibaba.com Logistics. This reliable delivery boosts customer satisfaction with fast and predictable shipments, encouraging retention and building trust and loyalty among customers.

This service also helps businesses manage their inventory better, enabling them to plan stock levels more accurately and avoid overstocking or shortages. With guaranteed delivery times, e-commerce businesses can stand out in a crowded market, gaining a clear advantage over competitors.

Guaranteed Money-Back in Case of Order Issues

Alibaba Guaranteed money-back policy for order issues is a key feature of their new solution, designed to build buyer’s confidence in online transactions. This policy ensures financial security by providing refunds for problems like quality discrepancies, incorrect items, or incomplete orders, protecting buyers from supplier mistakes.

This guarantee lets buyers feel more comfortable exploring and engaging with new or international suppliers, thereby expanding their sourcing options.

A structured dispute resolution mechanism within Alibaba’s Trade Assurance ensures fair and efficient handling of any issues that arise. This not only streamlines the process and saves time and resources but also enhances the overall purchasing experience. It encourages suppliers to uphold high standards and accuracy in order fulfillment, fostering a culture of quality assurance.
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Practical Tips on How to Use Alibaba Guaranteed

How to Place Orders

Step 1. Find products labeled “Alibaba Guaranteed” or use the filter to locate them.

Step 2. Click “Start Order” on the product card you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout.

That's all!


Alibaba Guaranteed provides a range of delivery guarantees to ensure smooth shipments. With a promise to ship products within 72 hours to 7 days, customers can expect timely delivery. Alibaba.com Logistics offers fixed shipping costs and guaranteed routes, categorized as economical, standard, or preferred, with no changes allowed.

Moreover, Alibaba.com Logistics guarantees delivery by the promised date, and if there is a delay, buyers are entitled to compensation.

After-Sales Service

Easy Returns
Alibaba offers an "Easy Returns" feature that guarantees refunds for certain orders. This service is supported by a third-party insurance company and applies to orders with a money-back guarantee. Products eligible for this service are labeled "Easy Returns," making it easy for buyers to request a return if they encounter quality issues. The items are then returned to the insurance company's local warehouse, and Alibaba.com processes the refund once the return is complete.

Conditions for Applying for Easy Return
  • The item should be marked as eligible for Easy Return.
  • The total value of the item (including shipping costs and tax) should not exceed 3,000 USD.
  • The delivery address is in one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, France, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Chile, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Israel, Ukraine, Switzerland.
  • The reason for the return is poor quality or incorrect material.
  • You can apply for Easy Return once per Trade Assurance order. For example, if you purchased 10 items in one order and returned 2 items through Easy Return, the remaining 8 items cannot be returned through Easy Return.

Damaged/Lost Item
If items are lost or damaged in Alibaba Guaranteed Orders, the refund process varies depending on the issue. Here's how it works.

If an item is lost during shipping, you can start a refund request and select "Shipping is taking too long" as the reason. This prompts the refund process.

For items that arrive damaged, you should initiate a refund request with the reason "Damaged on arrival".

With Alibaba Guaranteed Orders, if you raise a dispute for loss or damage, Alibaba steps in immediately to resolve the issue. This ensures prompt action to address your concerns. In contrast, for orders not covered by Alibaba Guaranteed, raising a dispute for loss or damage first initiates a negotiation process between the buyer and seller.

Please note that when you're requesting a refund for damaged items in an Alibaba Guaranteed Order, specific evidence is necessary to support your claim. You will need to describe the damage and provide photos of the shipping label, external packaging, and the damaged product.


Alibaba Guaranteed service aims to simplify international trade by addressing three key challenges for small and medium businesses: delivery time, logistical costs, and the risk of not receiving goods. The service offers products at fixed prices with shipping costs included. Items are shipped within 72 hours and delivered on the promised date. The platform ensures refunds for order issues. By embracing Alibaba Guaranteed, importers can streamline their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and set themselves up for long-term success in the competitive e-commerce world.

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