Sinosure Signs Comprehensive Business Cooperation Agreement with Bank of Jiangsu and Bank of Nanjing

by Axton Global
On the afternoon of September 5th, Sinosure signed a comprehensive business cooperation agreement with Bank of Jiangsu and Bank of Nanjing in Nanjing. Zhang Hui, Deputy General Manager of Sinosure, Ji Ming, President of Bank of Jiangsu, and Lin Jingran, President of Bank of Nanjing witnessed the signing.
By signing this comprehensive business cooperation agreement, the three parties reached a consensus on the comprehensive cooperation under each product and improved the all-round cooperation.

What's more, the relevant branches of China Credit Insurance Corporation will further increase communication and docking with two local corporate banks, deepen business cooperation, support export credit insurance financing in credit enhancement, and attempt to develop the local economy.

More Financing Opportunities with Sinosure
Sinosure could play a vital role in improving the entire ecosystem by getting more banks to connect to its network. Signing cooperation agreements with these two banks opens more financing opportunities for international trade deals between Chinese exporters and their buyers. This could prove to be an excellent step for every party, minimizing various trade-related issues and eventually even eliminate them.

Source: China Export Credit Insurance Corporation

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