Canton Fair 2024: What Is the Location and How to Navigate

by Axton Global
Guangzhou Complex
The Canton Fair, known as China's largest trade exhibition, gives importers worldwide a significant opportunity to find the best Chinese suppliers and elevate their businesses. If you're considering attending the Canton Fair in 2024, it’s important to learn all aspects of the event to maximize its potential.

In our last article, we focused on phases and dates for the upcoming Spring session. Now, let's discuss the Canton Fair 2024 location and the convenient ways to navigate this huge Chinese export commodities fair.

Where Is the Canton Fair 2024 Held?

The Canton Fair continues its tradition of being hosted in Guangzhou for the 2024 spring session. As one of China's major cities, Guangzhou is a key transportation and logistics center, playing a significant role in international trade and business activities.

The Canton Fair 2024 is conventionally held at the China Import and Export Complex, or Canton Fair Complex in short. It is also known as Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center or Pazhou International Exhibition Center.

Canton Fair Complex Address: 380, Yuejiang Zhong Lu Road, Hai Zhu, Guangzhou City, China.

Situated on Pazhou Island of Guangzhou, the China Import and Export Complex stands as an expansive venue. Notably, it is recognized as one of the largest and most advanced exhibition centers in Asia, underlining its significance as a key player in the region's event hosting capabilities.

Here's a snapshot of its size:
  • Canton Fair Complex spans an impressive 1,100,000 square meters.
  • 338,000 square meters are designated for indoor exhibitions.
  • 43,600 square meters set aside for outdoor exhibitions.

And just a fun fact: the term "Canton" in Canton Fair is just another name for Guangzhou. In Cantonese, a local language, people call it "Canton," and in Mandarin, it's "Guangzhou". But no matter how you say it, it's the same fantastic place.
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Canton Fair 2024 Floor Plan

To ensure you have the best experience at the fair in Guangzhou, we recommend you to have the Canton Fair 2024 map on hand. This comprehensive map provides the complete layout of booths for all industries and their respective suppliers in each phase.

Additionally, make sure to download the Canton Fair app—a valuable tool for attendees providing a comprehensive guide to the fair, complete with details about exhibitors, products, and events. The app also enables you to plan your own schedule of events and exhibitions for a more organized and tailored experience.

How to Reach the Canton Fair Complex in 2024?

The most straightforward route to the Canton Fair 2024, no matter where you’re coming from, involves taking a flight to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, which boasts connections to major cities across the globe. Once you land in Guangzhou, you have three hassle-free options to reach the Canton Fair Complex from the airport: by metro, taxi, or shuttle bus.

By metro

Opting for the metro in Guangzhou is a smart choice, thanks to the city's efficient subway system, with stations conveniently located near the Canton Fair Complex.

Here's the route from the airport:
  • Take Line 3 (North extended line) from Jichang Nan Station to Tiyu Xi Station.
  • Transfer back to Line 3 from Tiyu Xi Station to Kecun Station.
  • Finally, switch to Line 8 from Kecun Station to Xingang Dong Station (for Area A) or Pazhou Station (for Areas B & C).
The total travel time for this metro journey is approximately 43 minutes.

By taxi

Finding a taxi in Guangzhou is an easy task. Just inform the driver by saying "Pa Zhou" or "Canton Fair". To ensure a fair fare, make sure the driver uses the meter to avoid any potential overcharging. The standard taxi rate is 2.6 RMB per kilometer, with an additional 50% charge for distances exceeding 35 kilometers.

By shuttle bus

The Guangzhou Airport Express provides a direct shuttle bus service connecting the Canton Fair Complex and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport throughout all three phases of the Canton Fair 2024. Operating from 13:00 to 18:00, the buses depart approximately every 30 minutes, completing the journey in around 50 minutes.

Additionally, shuttle buses are in service between the Canton Fair Complex and key hotels in Guangzhou.

Considering the significant foot traffic during the Canton Fair, it's recommended to plan extra time for your journeys to and from the fair to accommodate potential delays.

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