Sinosure Hosts the Berne Union Claims and Recoveries Specialist Meeting 2024

by Axton Global
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From June 11 to 14, 2024, Sinosure, the China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation, hosted the Berne Union Claims & Recoveries Specialist Meeting in Shenzhen. The event marked a significant milestone as it was the first time this meeting was held in East Asia.

The Claims Recovery Experts Meeting is one of the largest and most important technical meetings held by the Berne Union. It brought together over 130 key stakeholders, including personnel, lawyers, and scholars from nearly 50 institutions. Attendees came from member organizations, cooperative channels, banks, law firms, and universities, bringing a wide range of insights and perspectives.

The agenda covered important global topics like renewable energy, artificial intelligence, preventing fraud, handling sanctions, and managing national debt crises. Specific sessions focused on challenges unique to 18 different countries, showing how the meeting tackled significant issues facing the industry.

This event highlighted Sinosure's dedication to working together internationally. It also served as a crucial forum for discussing and developing strategies in the global credit and insurance sectors.


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